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Introductory Courses

Scientology Life improvement courses give you Scientology tools for the most vital and sometimes troubling portions of life. Our Mission in Ocala provides a variety of courses to help you deal with every day issues and teaches you how to better control the direction your life is taking.

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Scientology Auditing

Through auditing one is able to look at one’s life and improve one’s ability to face his problems. Auditing is precise, and has exact procedures. Our Mission provides many auditing services, including Marriage Counseling, Life Counseling, Assists to recover from tramautic experiences, and much more.

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Free Personality Test

Only you know yourself well enough to determine your best traits and flaws. Take our Free Personality Test and find out what your opinion is of yourself. Our various courses and counseling services can help you better your general attitude and outlook in life. The first step is learning about your own personality and what you can improve on.

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Welcome To Scientology Mission of Ocala

photoWelcome to the Dianetics & Scientology Mission of Ocala located in the historical downtown district of Ocala, Florida.

What is Scientology?

Scientology exists to provide help — help for all people — at every strata of life, of every disability or ability and across all ethnic and religious boundaries. Born out of this desire to help are the many social betterment activities Scientology supports along with helping the individual.

At the Scientology Mission of Ocala, we offer Life Improvement Courses which provide solutions to topics such as relationships, marriage problems, the raising of children, overcoming ups and downs, and much more.

In addition to our courses, we also offer counseling services which can help you overcome traumatic events, or simply help you gain mental clarity and the attainment of life goals. Our Purification Rundown can help you detox from past drug and alcohol consumption, which can continue to affect you in your daily life. Scientology Auditing and Life Repair can help you find the barriers in your life that are holding you back.

“A civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war, where the able can prosper and honest beings can have rights and where man is free to rise to greater heights.”

-L.Ron Hubbard


Just how well do you really know yourself? What traits are affecting your relationships and how can you improve them? In order to better yourself, you have to know what to work on. Our free test plots specific behavioral traits on an easy to understand graph that visually shows you what areas of your personality are causing an impact on your life.

Take the free personality test today!

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Ocala Mission Blog

Learning How to Study

Posted on: Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

Do you have trouble studying? Do you get bored, or find it hard to concentrate when you study? Do you find yourself daydreaming or sleepy when you try to focus? In the 1960’s, L. Ron Hubbard did extensive research in the field of education and teaching. He closely observed students and isolated what barriers they […]

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Purification Rundown

Posted on: Friday, May 1st, 2015

As a society, it is obvious that evironmental toxins are playing a huge role in our lives. Even food preservatives, additives such as flavor enhancers, insecticides and pesticides are now being attributed with causing major health problems and even some diseases. An accumulation of these toxins can be potentially be detrimental to your mental and spiritual focus, […]

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Truth About Drugs Keep Ocala Football Player In The Lineup

Posted on: Friday, November 23rd, 2012

Corporal Walter Pressley of the Ocala Police Department has seen the Truth About Drugs program in action.

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