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Students study their lessons in a courseroom. This is a place where a supervisor oversees your classes, which are individualized and not done in group form.

Students study their lessons in a courseroom, pictured above. This is a place where a course supervisor oversees your studies, which are taught individually, not as a group.

Scientology Life improvement courses give you Scientology tools for the most vital and sometimes troubling portions of life.

Each course has been carefully designed to make your study effective and efficient. They include an abundance of practical tools and assignments that help you learn and understand the principles of each course so you can fully and immediately apply it to your life. Even before you complete the course, you will find yourself using this knowledge intuitively and effortlessly.

At the Mission of Scientology Ocala, and with 20 different courses ranging from subjects such as financial tools, marriage, the raising of children, learning to achieve self confidence, and more, each one will give you actual, practical information that you can then apply in your life.

The entire principal of Scientology courses lies in the application or use of what one studies. These are not sermons; they are exact, practical lessons in how to approach the situations that would otherwise seem impossible to deal with. You can achieve confidence in your resolution of the various problems and better handle your relationships with others.

Scientology Life Improvement Courses

Here is a complete list of the courses taught at the Mission of Scientology Ocala. For further information about any of our courses, simply give us a call at (352) 390-8535 or send us a message.